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We aim to walk beside you as you navigate from stuck and disconnected

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What we Value

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Biblical Truth

We embrace the Bible as the inspired, inerrant Word of God, the triune God of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and the sacrificial death of Christ on the cross as payment for our sins and the only means of salvation for mankind.

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We understand that meaningful change often requires reaching beyond ourselves. We foster an environment of trust, open communication, and mutual support, where your voice is heard and valued.

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We believe that life's most meaningful moments come from venturing beyond the familiar, both in the world around us and within the depths of our own thoughts and emotions.

Who We Are

RJ and Melissa Whaley

Hello and Welcome to Trailblazing Coaching! We are RJ and Melissa, professionally trained Christian life coaches who are here to help you break free of old ruts and blaze a trail to your fulfilling life.

Our own faith journey has been marked by challenges, triumphs, and a requirement to trust in God's plan for our lives. Through our experiences, we have gained deep insights into the power of faith, prayer, and Christian coaching principles as tools for transformation. We firmly believe that with God, all things are possible, and we are here to walk alongside you as you discover the same truth in your life.

What We Do

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Individual Coaching

Marriage Coaching

We work with individuals to help break through stagnant places in your life. Uncover your personal values, mission, and life purpose. Realign your life and break free of the burnout cycle.

We specialize in helping couples restore unity and a sense of purpose in their marriage.

If you feel stuck circling the same issues and fights over and over, let us bring in the tools to stop the cycle.

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Family Coaching

Are you struggling to parent strong willed children? As parents of six children we understand the difficulties navigating parent life. We can help you develop your parenting style to build deep connections with our kids.

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Homeschool Coaching

We are veteran homeschoolers and educators.

If you’re experiencing burn out or frustration with your homeschooling we can help you identify and resolves conflicts.

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